My family and I love Issaquah, and I want to represent you as we tackle the issues of growth and transportation in the ever growing Puget Sound.  I will work to make sure that with any growth and development, the interests of those of us that live, work, shop, learn, and play in Issaquah are front and center.

Traffic congestion continues to be the #1 concern of residents year after year.  The city and region will continue to grow and it is critical to prioritize our infrastructure to alleviate the biggest issues we currently face while planning for the added volume to come in a more densely populated central Issaquah.

As a member of the Issaquah Transportation Task Force, I have become extremely familiar with the biggest choke points in the city, and the list of projects available to target those areas.  In addition, I understand the costs of those improvements, and the funding options available to make progress.  

My opponent's #1 priority is not improving mobility.  Mine is.  There is no one more informed or well-qualified to tackle our transportation issues than Tim Flood.

Environmental Stewardship

Before my wife and I moved to Issaquah, we loved it for it's beautiful scenery and numerous hiking trails.  

One of the critical roles of the City Council to protect and enhance our precious green spaces, and guide development to the central Issaquah area.

As a volunteer for environmental organizations, I've invested my time onto protecting our natural surroundings, and on City Council, I would continue to be a champion for environmental protection.


Housing affordability is a region wide issue, and will continue to be a challenge as the region grows.  It's getting tougher for our workforce to live and work in the city, making our roads that much more congested 

The City Council can have an impact on housing affordability by negotiating affordable housing into development agreements, and evaluating solutions like rent control.

Fiscal Leadership

Issaquah is fortunate to have a thriving business community and diverse tax base.  With an MBA and successful career in IT, I have tangible ideas to empower start-ups, existing businesses, and to lure good paying jobs to town.

The city is also facing a $5.2 Million budget shortfall for 2020.  My experience managing a community budget, and leading data driven projects make me a better candidate to help the city navigate our current budgetary headwinds.












"Tim's corporate and neighborhood leadership experience make him a great addition to a Council faced with tough decisions about prioritizing spending."

     - Stacy Goodman, Issaquah City Council

Responsible Growth

It took me a while to accept that continued growth is simply inevitable.  We live in a fantastic part of a free country, and the things we love about the area will inevitably bring more new neighbors. 


The impacts of that growth however are not inevitable.  We must have a better balance between development and infrastructure investment while making sure new developments pay their fair share of the burden.

In addition, impacts to our schools and public services must be considered as we grow responsibly into the future.




















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